Radio Monitoring is a remarkable system for tracking campaign and competitor airplay in major Australian markets; our proprietary software uses "Watermarking" and "Fingerpinting" technologies for best possible accuracy and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Post times are available within 20 minutes of broadcast; the on line system correlates broadcast to schedule showing discrepancies, bonus spots and reports competitor activity including daypart rotation, SOV and flighting.
  • Various agency friendly reports are supplied including:
  • Campaign reports that investigate advertiser activity
  • Market reports that display competitor advertiser activity
  • Reports feature the option to:
  • Search and save audio to your desktop
  • Save data to a formatted Excel spreadsheet
  • Export data in a format for third party software
  • Generate R&F in third party software from spot exports
  • Check competitor adjacencies and placement
  • View position in break
  • Key number rotation
  • Search by market, station, network or “All”

Markets Monitored

NSW Sydney
VIC Melbourne
QLD Brisbane
Gold Coast
SA Adelaide
WA Perth
ACT Canberra